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Forcing Cucumbers

Categories: Vegetable Growing

Give information on growing hot-house cucumbers, and also if you think

it would pay me to go into the business in southern California.

Forcing of cucumbers has been undertaken for a number of years in

California and formerly was considered unprofitable because cucumbers

grown in the open air in frostless places came in before the forced

product could be sold out at sufficiently high prices to make the

ure profitable. Recently, however, owing to our increased population

in cities and larger demand of products out of season, forcing becomes

more promising and is worthy of attention. Forcing of cucumbers in

California can be done at very much less expense, of course, than

elsewhere, because of the abundance of winter sunshine and the fact that

sufficiently high temperatures can be secured in glass houses with

exceedingly little if any artificial heat: The chances of growing

cucumbers out of season for shipment eastward and northward can be

discussed with the officers of the California Vegetable Growers' Union,

which has offices and warehouse in Los Angeles.