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Fumigating For Black Scale

Categories: Pests and Diseases of Plants

I would like to know the best method of eradicating the black scale from

my orange trees, whether by spraying or fumigation?

Spraying has been given up as a suitable method for controlling the

black scale on citrus trees, and the only recognized method of merit

where the scale is bad is by fumigation with hydrocyanic acid gas. You

should communicate with your county horticultural commissioner, who,

through inspectors, will see that you have a good job done, at the right

time and at as moderate price as is compatible with good work. It is

impossible to 'eradicate' the black scale, but there is a great

difference in the amount that can be killed, and it pays to have a job

done as near perfectly as possible. Similar methods of attacking other

scale insects on citrus trees are used.