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Giant Japanese Radish

Categories: Vegetable Growing

In discussing sakurajima (giant Japanese radish) Eastern publications

advise planting late, about August 1, and not earlier than July 1. What

can you tell me about the plant here?

The Asiatic winter radishes can be successfully planted in California in

July or August if the soil is thoroughly saturated by irrigation before

digging and planting. It is, however, not so necessary to begin early in

California as at the East, because our winter temperatures favor the

growth of the plant, while at the East they have to make an early start

in order to get something well grown before the ground freezes. For the

growth of winter radishes, then, in California you can wait until the

ground is wet thoroughly by the rain, which may be expected during

September, and afterward you can make later plantings for succession at

any time you desire during the rainy season. This applies to all kinds

of radishes.