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Globe Artichokes

Categories: Vegetable Growing

I have land that will grow magnificent artichokes. Two plants last year

(variety unknown) produced heavy crops of buds, but the scales opened

too wide and allowed the center to become fibrous and were unsalable. Is

this due to climate, lack of sufficient water, or to not having the

right variety?

Many artichokes which are planted should really be put in the ornamental

class - they are either a reversion from a wilder type in plants grown

from the seed or they never have been good. In order to determine which

varieties you had better grow on a large scale, it is desirable to get a

few plants of the different varieties as offered by seedmen. In this way

you would find out just what are considered best in different parts of

the State, and propagate largely the ones which are best worth to you.

By subdivision of the roots you get exactly the same type in any

quantity you desire - ruling out undesirable variations likely to appear

in seedlings.