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Formula For Lime-sulphur

Categories: Pests and Diseases of Plants

To make lime-sulphur take quick-lime, 20 pounds; ground sulphur, 15

pounds and water 30 gallons. Slake the lime with hot water in a large

kettle, add the sulphur and stir well together. After the violent

slaking subsides add more water and boil the mixture over a fire for at

least one hour. After boiling sufficiently strain into the spray tank

and dilute with water to the proper strength. If a steam boiler is

available, this mixture may be prepared more easily on a large scale by

cooking in barrels into which steam pipes are introduced. This mixture

cannot be applied safely except during the winter when the trees are

dormant. A large proportion of the lime-sulphur used in the State is

purchased already prepared in more concentrated form.