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General Prescription For Hog Sickness

Categories: Diseases of Animals

My hogs seem to be mangy and scabby, but am unable to find any lice on

them. They eat well, but vomit a good deal and are falling off in flesh.

They may be affected with a chronic type of cholera, and this should be

determined by some one who can see the hogs. Make a general cleaning up

of the hogs and quarters, using a dip and repeating in ten days. Hogs

have a true mange as well as other animals. A change of feed may also be

needed, depending on what is being fed and how the hogs are managed.

Green alfalfa pasture with a moderate feed of shorts or middlings of

wheat and ground barley made into a slop would be a good ration.

Evidently there is some digestive trouble here, and a dose of croton oil

(3 drops) mixed in a teaspoonful of raw linseed oil for each hog would

be beneficial. Charcoal, ashes, salt and a little epsom salts would be

of benefit to tone the digestion. The oil should be carefully mixed in

the slop.