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For A Refractory Soil

Categories: Soils, Fertilizers and Irrigation

What can I do to soil that dries out and crusts over so hard that it

won't permit vegetable growth? A liberal amount of stable manure has

been applied, and the land deeply plowed, harrowed and cultivated, but

as soon as water gets on it, it forms a deep crust on evaporation. Will

guano help, or is sodium nitrate or potash the thing?

None of the things you mention are of any particular use for the

specific purpose you describe. Keep on working in stable manure or

rotten straw, or any other coarse vegetable matter, when the soil is

moist enough for its decay. Plow under all the weeds you can grow, or

green barley or rye, and later grow a crop of peas or vetches to plow in

green. Keep at this till the pesky stuff gets mellow. If you think the

soil is alkaline, use gypsum freely; if not, dose it with lime to the

limit of your purse and patience, and put in all the tillage you can

whenever the soil breaks well.