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Potatoes On Heavy Land

Categories: Vegetable Growing

Will potatoes grow well in adobe land, or partly adobe, that has not

been used for seven years except for pasturing?

Although potatoes enjoy best of all a light loam in which they can

readily expand, it is possible to get very good results on heavy land

which has been used for pasturage for some years, providing the land is

broken up early and deeply and harrowed well in advance of planting and

thorough cultivation maintained while the crop is growing. The content

of grass roots and manure which the land has received during its period

of grazing tends to make the soil lighter and will also feed the plant

well. For this reason better potatoes are had on heavy land after

pasturage than could be had on the same land if continually used for

grain or for some other crop which tended to reduce the amount of humus

and to make the land more rebellious in cultivation.