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Poor Feeding Depraved Appetite

Categories: Diseases of Animals

I have three cows. They have been fed alfalfa hay all winter and are in

very good condition and seem otherwise in good health, and have salt to

run to. Every time they chance to come to the yard they will pick up on

old bone and chew it for perhaps a half hour. I always take the bone

away from them when I discover it.

These cows have a depraved appetite, owing to the fact the tissues of

the body are crying out for something lacking that is required in the

system. Administer the following powder; also put a lump of lime in the

watering trough: Pulv. gentian, 1 ounce; pulv. elm bark, 2 ounces; pulv.

iron sulphate, 1 ounce; pulv. bicarb. soda, 4 ounces; pulv. aniseed, 2

ounces; pulv. red pepper 1/2 ounce; pulv. oilcake meal 10 pounds. Mix

thoroughly and give a tablespoonful in scalded grain once daily.