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Potato Growing

Categories: Vegetable Growing

In what locality are the best early potatoes grown in California? Can

they be raised on wheat lands without irrigation as an early crop?

Early potatoes are grown in regions of light frosts in all parts of the

State - around the bay of San Francisco, on the mesas in southern

California, and to some extent at slight elevations in the central part

of the State. The potato endures some frost, but one has, for an early

crop, to guard against the locations subject to hard freezing. Most of

our potatoes are grown without irrigation because, on uplands, winter

temperatures favor their growing during the rainy season. The

middle-season and late potatoes are grown on moist lowlands where

irrigation is not necessary. In proper situations, much of the land

which is used for potatoes has at some time produced wheat or barley,

corn or sorghum, and other field crops.