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Potato Planting

Categories: Vegetable Growing

How many sacks of potatoes are to be planted to an acre, and how many

eyes are to be left in a seed? If, for instance, we plant seed with

three eyes, how many potatoes should we get from that vine?

Potatoes are planted all the way from five to fifteen sacks to the acre,

probably about ten sacks being the average. There is no particular

number of eyes specified in preparing the seed, according to common

practice. Good medium-sized potatoes are generally cut in two pieces

crosswise, and large potatoes in four pieces, cutting both ways. There

is no definite relation between the number of eyes planted and the

number of potatoes coming from them. This has been the subject of

innumerable experiments, and the conclusion is that the crop is more

dependent upon good soil and favorable growing conditions than upon any

way of preparing the seed.