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Potatoes Should Be Planted Early

Categories: Vegetable Growing

I have Early Rose potatoes planted about May first. The tops look fine,

but there are few potatoes and small, and, though not developed, have

commenced growing a second time, sprouts starting from the new potatoes.

When should I plant and what care should they have?

Your potatoes act peculiarly because of intermittent moisture - the

plant being arrested by drought and then starting again, which is very

undesirable. To avoid this, potatoes should be planted earlier so as to

get a large part of their growth during the rainy season. If planted

late the ground should be well wet down by irrigation, and then plowed

and cultivated, and irrigation should be used while the plant is growing

well. If this is done, potatoes can be successfully grown by irrigation,

but if the land is allowed to become dry the plant is arrested in its

growth for a time and a second and undesirable growth is started.