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Hydrated Lime

Many salesmen are too enthusiastic in their claims for
hydrated lime. It has advantages over pulverized limestone, stone-lime,
and pulverized lime, and there are disadvantages. The buyer of
pulverized limestone pays for the haul on 100 pounds of material to get
the 56 pounds of lime carried, while 74 pounds of the hydrate furnish
the same amount of actual lime, if all of it is a hydrate. While the
hydrate contains less strength than the stone-lime, it is in good
physical condition for distribution, and the stone-lime must be slaked.
The buyer will bear in mind, moreover, that much of the stone-lime
which is burned on farms comes from limestone that is not very pure,
and all impurity is waste. Most manufacturers of the hydrate locate
their costly plants where the limestone is relatively pure. Prudent
business reasons dictate such a course. A careful manufacturer of
hydrated lime takes out imperfectly burned and other faulty material
with screens. These advantages have some weight, but the fact remains
that a ton of pure stone-lime has considerably more acid-correcting
power than a ton of the hydrate.

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