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Sustainable Farming Articles

Find articles on farming practising and methods that can be used in the developing and developed world.

A Lesson Of To-day
About Tree-planting
Accounts In Farming
Agricultural Exhibitions
Alkalis Salt Ashes Lime
Bee Culture
Bones Phosphates Guano
Buying A Farm
Buying A Farm
Buying A Farm
Buying A Farm
Buying A Farm
Buying A Farm
Co-operation In Farming
Commercial Fertilizers Gypsum
Crosses Hybrids And Cross-pollination
Draining Generally
Draining My Own
Draining The Soil
Esculent Roots Potatoes
Exchange And Distribution
Farm Implements
Farm Poultry
Farm Tools And Machines
Farmers' Clubs
Farming On Dry Lands
Fences And Fencing
Flower Gardening
Fruit-trees The Apple
Garden And Field Insects
Good And Bad Husbandry
Good And Bad Husbandry
Good And Bad Husbandry
Good And Bad Husbandry
Good And Bad Husbandry
Good And Bad Husbandry
Grain-growing East And West
Growing Feed Stuffs On The Farm
Growing Timber Tree-planting
Hay And Hay-making
Hemp And Flax
How A Plant Feeds From The Air
How Milk Sours
How The Plant Feeds From The Soil
Improving The Soil
Insects Birds
Insects In General
Intellect In Agriculture
Irrigation Means And Ends
Large And Small Farms
Laying Off A Farm Pasturing
Laying Off A Farm Pasturing
Laying Off A Farm Pasturing
Laying Off A Farm Pasturing
Laying Off A Farm Pasturing
Laying Off A Farm Pasturing
Life In The Country
Liming The Land
Manuring The Soil
Milk Cream Churning And Butter
More About Apple-trees
More Of Irrigation
Muck How To Utilize It
Orchard Insects
Origin Of The Soil
Peaches Pears Cherries Grapes
Plant Seeding
Planting And Growing Trees
Planting And Pruning
Plowing Deep Or Shallow
Plowing Good And Bad
Preparing To Farm
Preparing To Farm
Preparing To Farm
Preparing To Farm
Preparing To Farm
Preparing To Farm
Prevention Of Plant Disease
Propagation By Buds
Roots Turnips Beets Carrots
Rural Depopulation
Science In Agriculture
Seed Purity And Vitality
Selecting Seed Corn
Sheep And Wool-growing
Soils And Fertilizers
Some Special Plant Diseases
Steam In Agriculture
Stone On A Farm
Sugar Plants
Summing Up
Sweet Potatoes
The Babcock Milk-tester
The Cause And Nature Of Plant Disease
The Cotton-boll Weevil
The Dairy Cow
The Farm Garden
The Farmer's Calling
The Flower And The Seed
The Moisture Of The Soil
The Possibilities Of Irrigation
The Rotation Of Crops
The Sap Current
The Timber Crop
Thorough Tillage
Tillage Of The Soil
Trees Woodland Forests
Undeveloped Sources Of Power
Western Irrigation
Where To Farm
Where To Farm
Where To Farm
Where To Farm
Where To Farm
Where To Farm
White Or Irish Potatoes
Why We Feed Animals
Will Farming Pay?
Will Farming Pay?
Will Farming Pay?
Will Farming Pay?
Will Farming Pay?
Winter Work
Yeast And Bacteria
- If Your Land Needs It At All
1/2 Pounds Gain In Weight Per Day
10 Cents A Hundred For Crushing And The Hauling
18 To 20 Inches Above The Ground
3/4 To 1 Pound Of Rolled Barley Or Corn For Each 100 Pounds Live Weight
4 Ounces Olive Oil She Will Recover After Parturition
50 Per Cent Was White While The Balance Was Yellow And Went To The Top
5:30 P M Being Fed At 7 A M?
A Bit Of Arithmetic
A Clean Seed-bed
A Dry Mash
A Few Combinations Are Safest
A Free Martin
A Mangy Cow
A Neck-swelling
A Point On Mating
A Practical Test
A Southern Legume
A Sterile Cow
A Summer Hay Crop
A Three Years' Rotation
A Wrong Idea Of Inter-planting
Abnormal Thirst Of Horse
Abscess Of Parotid Gland
Acid Phosphate
Acquaintance With Terms
Acres Of Oranges To A Man
Adaptation To Eastern Needs
Adobe And Peanuts
Affecting Physical Condition
Age For Mating
Aged Peach Trees
Alfalfa And Alkali
Alfalfa And Bermuda
Alfalfa And Overflow
Alfalfa And Soil Depth
Alfalfa Grinding
Alfalfa Hay And Soil Fertility
Alfalfa On Adobe
Alfalfa Over Hardpan
Alfalfa Sowing With Gypsum
Alfilaria And Winter Pasturage
Alkali Gypsum And Shade Trees
All The Nitrogen From Clover
Almond And Peach
Almond Hulls And Sawdust
Almond Planting
Almond Pollination
Almond Seedlings
Alsike Clover
Amount Of Application
Amount Of Manure
Amount Per Acre
An Abuse Of Grape Pomace
An Easement In Bloat
An Excess Of Nitrogen
An Old Succession Of Crops
Analysis Of Manure
Animal Bone
Apple Budding
Apple Root-grafts
Apple-leaf Aphis
Apples And Alfalfa
Apples And Cherries For A Hot Place
Application Of Manure Ashes
Applying Thomas Phosphate
Apricot Propagation
Artesian Water
Artichoke Growing
As A Catch Crop
As To Use Of The Land You Lose Time By Growing The Seedlings In Place
Ashes And Poultry Manure
Asparagus Growing
Avoiding Crotches In Fruit Trees
B Wintringham
Bad Conditions For Potatoes
Bad Food For Chickens
Bad-tempered Jerseys
Balanced Rations
Bananas In California
Barley And Alfalfa
Barley For Hay Feeding
Barley On Moist Land
Barnyard Manure And Alkali
Barren Heifers
Bartletts Solidly Without Reference To Preparation For Pollination
Basic Slag
Bean Growing
Bean Growing
Bean Weevil
Beans As Nitrogen Gatherers
Beans On Irrigated Mesas
Bees And Pear Blight
Beets And Potatoes
Beets For Stock
Bermuda Grass
Bermuda Objectionable
Best Breed Of Hogs
Big Worms On Tomatoes
Black Medic
Blackberries For Drying Only
Blackeye Beans
Blackeye Beans Are Cow Peas
Blanching Celery
Blasting Or Tiling
Bleeding For Blackleg
Bleeding Vines
Blind Teat
Blister Mite On Walnuts
Bloody Milk
Blooming Brussels Sprouts
Bones For Grape Vines
Borers In Olive Twigs
Bovine Rheumatism
Bowel Trouble In Chicks
Branching Young Fruit Trees
Brand Names
Breeding A Young Mare
Breeding In Line
Brewer's Grains For Cows
Bridging Gopher Girdles
Buckwheat Growing
Budding And Grafting Almonds
Budding Fruit Trees
Budding Old Olives
Budding Olive Seedlings
Budding Or Grafting In Orange Orchard
Budding Orange Seedlings In The Orchard
Budding Oranges
Budding Oranges
Buds In Bearing Trees
Butter Going White
Butter-fat In Sweet And Sour Cream
Buying Unmixed Materials
Calf Dysentery
California Grown Seed
California Insect Powder
California That I Am Very Much Puzzled Which Kind To Select
California Winter Pastures
Canada Peas For Seed
Canadian Or Niles Peas
Cannibal Chicks
Canning Olives
Caring For Liquid Manure
Carobs In California
Castration Of Colt
Cause Of Loss Of Cud
Cause Of Mottle Leaf
Caustic Lime Not A Good Absorbent
Charcoal Is A Medicine Not A Food
Cheap Preparation Of Land For Alfalfa
Chevalier Barley
Chicken Pox
Chopping Hay For Horses
Chronic Indigestion
Citrus Budding
Clean Seed
Cleaning Fruit Trays
Climate And Soil
Clipping Hens For Cleanliness
Close Grazing
Cloth For Brooding Houses
Cloth For Hotbeds
Clover And Acid Soils
Clover For Wet Lands
Clovers And Drought
Clovers For High Ground-water
Coal Ashes In The Garden
Coal Tar And Asphaltum On Trees
Cockerels Of The Larger Breeds Should Not Be Mated Before A Year Old
Comice Pears
Common Source Of Losses
Composition Of Plant Not A Guide
Composting Garden Wastes
Composting Manure
Concentrates And Corn Stalks
Concentrates With Alfalfa
Concrete Stable Floor
Condensation For Irrigation
Consult The Trees
Continuous Cropping With The Same Plant
Control Of Grasshoppers
Control Of Pear Slug
Control Of Red Spider
Control Of Squash Bugs
Controlling Factors
Controlling Root-growth
Corn Growing For Silage
Corn In The Sacramento Valley
Corn Two Years
Counting The Cost
Cover Crop In Hop Yard
Covering Sunburned Bark
Covering Tree Wounds
Cow Chewing Bones
Cow Peas Not Preparatory For Corn
Cow Pox
Cow Stable Drainage For Fruit
Cowpeas And Canadian Peas
Cowpeas For Cover Crop
Cowpeas In The San Joaquin
Cows For Hill Country
Cows Swallowing Foreign Substances
Cream That Won't Whip
Creamery Wastes For Irrigation
Crimson Clover
Crimson Clover
Criticisms Of Home-mixing
Crops Between Fruit Trees
Crops Between Orange Trees
Crops That May Precede
Crotch-splitting Of Fruit Trees
Cucumber Growing
Cultivating Alfalfa
Cultivating Olives
Cultivation Of Plants
Cure For A Self-milker
Cure For Cocked Ankles
Cure For Feather-eating
Curing Alfalfa With Artificial Heat
Curing Citron
Cutting Back Almonds
Cutting Back Apples And Pears
Cutting Back At Planting
Cutting Back Frosted Vine Canes
Cutting Below Dead Wood
Cutting Corn For Silage
Cutting Potatoes
Cutting Potatoes To Single Eyes
Cutting The Trenches
Cutworms And Young Trees
Darkening Pickled Olives
Deep Covering
Deep-seated Abscess
Defective Urination
Defects In Soil Moisture
Deferring Bloom Of Fruit Trees
Depluming Mites
Depraved Appetite
Depth In Planting Fruit Trees
Depth Of Cultivation
Depth Of Ground-water
Depth Of Soil For Fruit
Depth Of Trenches
Desirable Physical Condition Of The Soil
Destroying Bushes
Determining Lime Requirement
Diameter Height Capacity Diameter Height Capacity
Die-back Of Apple Trees
Dipping Fowls
Dipping Roots Of Fruit Trees
Dipping Thompson Seedless
Direct Use For Corn
Diseased Uterus Of Mare
Distribution Of Alkali
Do Not Plant Almonds In Place
Don't Get Crazy About Special Crops
Double-cropping With Potatoes
Draining A Wet Spot
Dried Blood
Dry Farming With Chili Peppers
Dry Farming With Grapes
Dry Plowing And Sowing
Dry Plowing For Grain
Dry Plowing For Soil And Weed Growth
Dry Sorghum Fodder
Dry-land Alfalfa
Drying A Persistent Milker
Drying Plums And Prunes
Durability Of Manure
Duration Of Effect
Dwarf Pears Not Commercially Grown
Dwarfing A Fruit Tree
Dying Back Of Fruit Trees
Early Bearing Of Walnuts
East? The Annual Rainfall Is From 12 To 15 Inches
Eastern Seed Corn For California
Effect Upon Moisture
Effectiveness Of Home-mixing
Effects Of Blasting
Effects Of Ill-feeding Pigs
Elimination Of Competition
Enlarged Gland On Neck
Essex Rape Or Kale
Establishing A Grade
Experiment Station
Fall And Winter Pasturage
Fall Feed
Fall Sowing Of Alfalfa
Fatal Skin Disease
Feather Eating Is The Result Of Idleness Or A Shortage Of Green Feed
Feed For Cows
Feed For Plow-horses
Feeding A Family Cow
Feeding Calves
Feeding Cut Alfalfa Hay
Feeding Hens For Hatching Eggs
Feeding Pumpkins
Feeding Value
Feeding Value Of Spelt
Fenugreek As A Cover Crop
Fertility And Feeding Value
Fertility Value
Fertility Value
Fertilizer Control
Fertilizer For Grass
Fertilizer For Sweet Potatoes And Melons
Fertilizer Tests
Fertilizers In Irrigation Water
Fertilizers In Tree Holes
Fertilizing Alfalfa
Fertilizing Corn
Fertilizing Fruit Trees
Fertilizing Olives
Fertilizing Oranges
Fertilizing Pear Orchard
Fertilizing Strawberries
Fertilizing Value
Filling Holes In Trees
Finding Thrips
Flat Or Hill Culture For Potatoes
Fly Repellants
Foothill Dairying
For A Bark Wound
For A Bowel Trouble
For A Chronic Cough
For A Cleft Hoof
For A Reclaimed Swamp
For A Refractory Soil
For A Scabby Swelling
For Blowing Soils
For Broken Roots
For Chronic Indigestion
For Short-wind Or Heaves
Forage Plants In The Foothills
Forage Poisoning
Forage Under Sprayed Trees
Forcing Cucumbers
Forms Of Lime
Formula For Lime-sulphur
Foxtail And Alfalfa
Free Use Of Lime
French Or Italian
From Nine Months To A Year Is The Proper Age To Mate A Leghorn Cockerel
Frosted Grain For Hay
Fruit And Overflow
Fruit Trees And Sunburn
Fruit Trees In A Wet Place
Fumigating For Black Scale
Fungus Poisoning
Garden Peas For Green Manure
General Prescription For Hog Sickness
Giant Japanese Radish
Giant Spurry
Ginger In California
Globe Artichokes
Glossing Dried Prunes
Good Dentist Needed
Good Soil Conditions
Gopher Poison
Government Whitewash
Grafting Almond On Peach
Grafting And Budding The Mulberry
Grafting Apple Seedlings In Place
Grafting Nuts On Oaks
Grafting On The Peach
Grafting Peach On Almond
Grafting Walnut Seedlings
Grafting Walnuts
Grafting Wax
Grain And Clover
Grain And Pasture For Pigs
Grain For Horses
Grains For Chickens
Grape Planting
Grape Pomace As Hog Feed
Grape Sugar In Canned Grapes
Grape Vines For An Arbor
Grapefruit And Nuts
Grass For Green Manuring
Grasses For Bank-holding
Grow A Large Stock Of Beet By All Means - Either A Mangel Or A Tankard
Growing Castor Beans
Growing Cowpeas
Growing Filberts
Growing Horse Beans
Growing Lentils
Growing Niles Peas
Growing Olives From Seed
Growing Onion Seed And Sets
Growing Pigs On Roots And Barley
Growing Strawberry Plants
Growing Sweet Potato Plants
Growing Sweet Potatoes
Growing Vetch For Hay
Gumming Of Prune Trees
Gypsum And Alfalfa
Gypsum On Grain Land
Handling Balled Citrus Trees
Handling Grape Pomace
Handling Orchard Soil
Handling Walnut Seedlings
Handling Winter Melons
Handling Young Alfalfa
Hardiness Of Hybrid Berries
Harmless Fermentation
Harvesting Peanuts
Harvesting Sunflowers
Harvesting With Livestock
Have Had Her Teeth Attended To So She Chews Her Food Well
Heating And Fermentation
Heavy Applications
High Hardpan And Low Water
High-grade Fertilizers
High-grafted Walnuts
Hoeing Beans
Hog Cholera
Hog Manure And Potatoes
Horse Beans
Horse Beans And Pie-melons
Horse With Itch
Horse With Worms
House Waste Water
How To Cut Seed Potatoes
How To Make Bordeaux
How To Start English Walnuts
Humus Burning Out
Hurry-up Pasture
Hydrated Lime
I Give Her Half A Dozen Potatoes Every Day
I Have A Cow That Seems To Be In Good Health And Gives Plenty Of Milk
I Have A Jersey Cow Who Has Just Had Twin Calves A Heifer And A Bull
I Have A Lot Of Olive Trees Which Have Grown Up Around The Old Stumps
I Have A Number Of Pigs Which Have Been Ailing For Three Weeks Or So
I Have A Top Soil Of Rich Loam Containing Small Rocks And Pebbles
I Have Been Advised To Plant The Bud Scar Above Ground In A Wet Country
I Have Light Sandy Loam On Which I Desire To Grow Forage For Chickens
I Have Olive Trees On First-class Land; No Pest Of Any Kind Is Apparent
I Need Something That Will Make A Sod During That Period
I Own Some Hill Land Which Has Been Run Down By Continuous Hay Cropping
I Send You Two Walnuts I Am In Doubt If They Will Mature
I Want To Pasture Hogs In The San Joaquin Valley This Spring And Summer
I Wish To Bud Some Maltese Blood Orange Trees To Pomelos And Lemons
I Wish To Know If There Are Possibilities Of Broom-straw
I Would Like To Know How To Check The Scale On Apricot Trees
Improvement Of Cementing Soils
Improving Heavy Land For Alfalfa
Improving Heavy Soils
Improving Uncovered Subsoil
Infection Of Udder
Infectious Conjunctivitis (sore Eyes)
Infectious Mastitis
Ingredients In The Mixture
Injury To Udder
Inoculating Alfalfa
Irrational Use Of Lime
Irrigated Or Non-irrigated Apples
Irrigated Or Non-irrigated Trees
Irrigating Alfalfa
Irrigating Alfalfa On Heavy Soils
Irrigating Palms
Irrigating Tomatoes
Irrigating Walnuts-checks Or Furrows
Irrigating Young Trees
Irrigation For Corn
Irrigation Of Potatoes
Irritation On Back Of Udder
It Has Been Demonstrated Not To Be Of Any Measurable Injury
It Is Always Desirable To Cut Below A Hollow In A Limb If Possible
It Is Good On Shallow Land Over Water Where Alfalfa Roots Decay Etc
It Lies Too High For Irrigation
Italian Rye Grass
Jersey Kale
Jersey Shorthorn Cross
Jesusalem Artichokes
Johnson Grass
Kaffir And Egyptian Corn
Kale For Cow Feed
Keeping Citrus Trees Low
Keeping Potatoes
Keeping Pumpkins
Kelp As A Fertilizer
Kidney Trouble
Kidney Trouble In Horse
Killing Moss On Old Trees
Killing Stumps By Medication
Kind Of Tile
Largely Compiled From The Writings Of Mrs W Russell James And Mrs
Late Applications Of Nitrate
Late Pruning
Late-sown Sorghum
Leases For Sugar Beets
Legal Milk House
Legume Seed Inoculation
Length Of Cultivation
Less Water And More Heat
Licorice Growing In California
Light Soil And Scant Moisture
Lime On Alfalfa
Lime On Sandy Soil
Liming A Chicken Yard
Limitations On Gooseberries
Liquid Spray For Red Spider
Litmus And Alkali
Liver Disease
Livestock Farming
Locating Main And Branches
Longevity Of Almond And Peach
Loose Hay By Measure
Loss Of Plant-food
Loss Of Tomato Bloom
Low Growth On Fruit Trees
Lumps In Teats
Lumpy Jaw
Lye-peeling Peaches
Magnesian Lime
Mailing Scions
Maintaining Fertility
Making A Good Mixture
Mammoth Clover
Manure On Grass
Manure On Potatoes
Manure With A Clover Crop
Manuring Vineyard
Many Such Arrangements Of Boxes Perforated Cans Pieces Of Tile Etc
March And Would Like To Preserve Them For Feeding As Long As Possible
Material For The Drains
Materials That Should Not Be Combined
Melon Lice
Melons For Fowls
Method Of Applying Fertilizers
Method Of Inoculation
Method Of Plowing
Methods Of Seeding
Midsummer Hay Sowing
Mildew On Apple Seedlings
Mix And Give Tablespoonful Three Times Daily
Moonshine Farming
More Manure Water And Cultivation Required
More Than Dynamite Needed
Mossy Lawns
Moving Old Olive Trees
Mulches Of Foreign Material
Muriate Of Potash
Musty Corn For Pigs
Myrobalan Seedlings
Navels And Valencias
Necessity Of Purchase
Need Of Corn Suckering
Needs Organic Matter
Neglected Olive Trees
Neither Plant Likes Dry Heat Or Dry Soil
Never Consider A Bull Gentle And You Will Be Safe With Him
New Potatoes For Seed
New Zealand Flax
Nitrate Of Soda
Nitrate Of Soda
Nitrate With Stable Manure
No Apples On Quince
No Citrus Fruits On Lemon Roots
No Gopher-proof Fig Roots
No Grain Elevators In California
No Home-made Beet Sugar
No Nurse-crop For Alfalfa
No Pears On Peach
No Pollenizer For Navels
Northern Potatoes For Seed
Not Orange On The Osage
November And May Continue Until February Or Later In Some Places
Nursery Fertilizers
Nursery Stock In Young Orchard
Object Of Sods
Office Of Organic Matter
Old Plaster For Sour Land
Olives From Cuttings
Olives From Large Cuttings
Olives From Small Cuttings
Olives Oranges And Peppers
One Part Of My Orchard Is Low And Wet Much Scale And Old Trees Loose
Onions From Seed
Onions From Sets
Open-front Chicken Houses
Orange Seedlings
Orange Training
Oranges Over High Ground Water
Other Fertilizers
Over-fat Sow
Over-size Oranges
P Denny
Paralysis During Pregnancy
Paralysis Of Sow
Pasture And Cover Crop
Pasturing Young Grain
Peach Budding
Peach Fillers In Apple Orchard
Peach Planting In Alfalfa Sod
Peaches On Apricot
Pear Problems
Pears On Quince
Pecan Growing
Permanency Desired
Permanent Pastures
Phosphoric-acid Requirements
Physical Analysis
Physical Benefit Of The Roots
Pie-melons And Pigs
Pigs In The Orchard
Pigs Losing Tails
Pigs Out Of Condition
Places For Apples
Plant Corn In Warm Ground
Planting Bush Fruits
Planting Deciduous Fruit Trees
Planting Fruit Trees On Clearings
Planting In Mud
Planting Trees In Alkali Soil
Planting Whole Potatoes
Plants Will Tell About Alkali
Please Give Information About Growing Filberts
Please Inform Me How To Plant Jersey Or Cow Kale
Plowing From Or Towards
Plowing In Young Orchard
Plowing Straw Down
Plucking Ducks And Geese
Pneumonia In Pigs
Pollen Must Be Of The Same Kind
Pollination Of Almonds
Pollination Of Bartletts
Pollination Of Black Tartarian
Pollination Of Pears
Pollinizing Plums
Poor Feeding Depraved Appetite
Possibly Too Much Water
Potato Balls
Potato Growing
Potato Planting
Potato Planting
Potato Scab
Potato Scab
Potato Yield
Potatoes After Alfalfa
Potatoes After Corn
Potatoes And Crimson Clover
Potatoes And Frosts
Potatoes On Heavy Land
Potatoes Should Be Planted Early
Poultry Diarrhea
Poultry Forage
Poultry In The Orchard
Poultry Manure
Poultry Manure
Poultry Tonic
Pregnancy Of Mare
Prejudice Against Commercial Fertilizers
Prejudice Against Timothy
Preparing For Fruit Planting
Preserving Eggs
Price Of Prunes On A Size Basis
Probably Not Broom-corn
Proper Feeding Of Young Pigs
Protecting Young Citrus Trees
Prune On Almond
Pruning Almonds
Pruning Apple Trees
Pruning Apples
Pruning Apricots
Pruning Cherries
Pruning Cherries
Pruning Frosted Citrus Trees
Pruning Grafted Walnuts
Pruning Himalayas
Pruning In Frosty Places
Pruning Loganberries
Pruning Old Apple Trees
Pruning Old Apple Trees
Pruning Old Vines
Pruning Oranges
Pruning The Walnut
Pruning Times
Pruning Walnuts
Prunings As Fertilizer
Put It Through The Silo Cutter As Soon As You Can Get It From The Field
Putting Down Loose Apples In A Straw-lined Pit Would Be Very Expensive
Quick Roosters And Laying Hens
Rape And Milo
Rape And Vetch For Chickens
Raspberry Cane Borer
Rat-proof Granary
Raw Bone
Re-grafting Silver Prunes
Red Clover
Red Clover For Shallow Land
Reenforcement With Minerals
Regular Bearing Of Fruit Trees
Relative Values
Renewal Of Permanent Pastures
Renewing Cherry Trees
Renewing Old Apricots
Renewing Olive Trees
Renewing Peach Orchard
Repairing Rabbit Injuries
Replanting After Root-knots
Replanting In Orchard
Reseeding Alfalfa
Resistant Apple Roots
Restoring Cherry Trees
Results Of Fertilizing Olives
Reviving Blighted Trees
Rhubarb Rotting
Rickets In Hogs
Ripe Melons
Ripening Of Walnuts
Ripening Onions
Rolled Barley For Cows
Roofing A Manure Pit
Roots For Fruit Trees
Roots For Orange Trees
Roots For The Almond
Rotations For California
Rotted Manure
Roup In Turkeys
Roup Treatment
Rupture Of Oviduct
Rye As A Cover Crop
Rye For Hay
Rye Grasses Better Than Brome
Rye In California
Sales Off The Farm
Salt Grass And Alfalfa
Salting Hay
Sand For Clay Soils
Scale On Apricots
Scattering Grass Seeds
Scions From Young Trees
Scrap Iron As A Fertilizer
Seed Farm Refuse As A Fertilizer
Seed-ends Of Potatoes
Seeding In August
Seeding In Late Summer
Seeding In Rye
Seeding With Small Grain
Seedling Fruits
Seedling Olives Must Be Grafted
Selection Of Crops
Separator As Milk Purifier
Sewage Irrigation
Shaping A Young Tree
Shavings In Stable Manure
Sheep And Goat Manure
Shoulder Injury On Mare
Shy-bearing Apples
Shy-bearing Apricots
Silo-heating Not Dangerous
Siloing First Crop Alfalfa
Similarity Of Requirements
Size Of A Silo
Size Of Tile
Slow Stuff As A Fertilizer
Slugs In Garden
Smutty Sorghum
Soaking Seeds
Soil Acidity
Soil Analysis
Soil And Situation For Oranges
Soil Depth For Citrus Trees
Soil For Alfalfa
Soil For Vegetables
Soil Inoculation
Soil Suitable For Fruits
Soil-binding Plant For Winter
Soiling Crops In California
Soils And Crop Changes
Soils And Oranges
Solution Of Arsenic
Sore Eyes In Pigs
Sorghum Can Be Planted With Pumpkins Or Some Root Crop Between The Rows
Sorghum Feeding
Sorghum Planting
Sorghum Silage
Sorghums For Seed
Sour Soil
Sowing Alfalfa
Sowing The Seed
Spineless Cactus
Spineless Cactus Fruit
Spreading As Made
Square Or Triangular Planting
Squashes Dislike Hardship
Stable Manure And Bean Straw
Starting Fruit Trees From Seed
Statement Of Analysis
States And The Two Plants Are Not In Any Way Related
Steamed Bone
Steers On Alfalfa
Stick-tight Almonds
Stiff Joints
Stock For Apples
Storage Of Apples
Storage Of Seed Potatoes
Storing Cut Alfalfa Hay
Storing Nitrogen
Storing Stock Beets
Strain For Work On Smooth Surface
Straw For Humus
Strawberries In Succession
Strawberries With Perfect Flowers
Strawberry Planting
Strengthening Fruit Trees
Strong Milk
Sub-varieties Of California Barley
Subsequent Treatment
Suburban Alfalfa Patch
Suburban Wastes
Sugar Beets And Silage
Sugar Factory Lime For Fertilizing
Suggested Mixtures For Pastures
Sulphate Of Ammonia
Sulphate Of Potash
Sulphuring For Mildew
Summer And Fall Irrigation
Summer Fallow And Summer Cropping
Summer Grasses
Summer Pasture For Hogs
Summer Pruning Is An Offset For Excessive Wood Growth
Summer Pruning Of Apricots
Summer Start Of Stock Beets
Summer-fallow Before Fruit Planting
Summer-pruning Apples
Sunburn And Borers
Sunflower Seeds For Poultry
Sunflowers And Soy Beans
Supernumerary Teat
Susan Swapgood
Sweet Clover
Sweet Clover As A Cover Crop
Sweet Clover Not An Alfalfa
Sweet Corn In California
Sweet Potato Growing
Sweet Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes Between Fruit Trees
Swelling On The Dewlap
Taking The Bloat Out Of Alfalfa
Taking The Crops Off The Land
Teaching Chicks To Perch
Temperature And Moisture For The English Walnut
Temperatures For Citrus Fruits
That Old Seven-headed Wheat
The Best Fertilizer For Sand
The Best Legume For Cover Crop
The Breaking-plow
The Canada Pea
The Clover And Timothy
The Content Of Manure
The Corn Worm
The Covered Yard
The Cow Has Infectious Mastitis Due To Introduction Of Some Infection
The Cowpea For Hay
The Discharge Is Very Dangerous To Other Animals
The Disk Harrow
The Droppings Are Loose And Very White
The Farm Scheme
The Filler
The Fineness Of Limestone
The Grade
The Growing Of Buckwheat In California Is An Exceedingly Small Affair
The June Drop
The Kind To Apply
The Land-roller
The Laterals
The Legumes
The Litmus-paper Test
The Modern Fallow
The Moon And Potato Planting
The Mulch
The Multiplication Of Formulas
The Navel Not Thornless
The Need Of Potash
The Nuts Are Well Grown The Kernel Fully Formed In Every Respect
The Oat Crop
The Old Policy Of Clean Winter Cultivation Has Been Largely Abandoned
The Orange And Lemon Will Do Better In Transplanting Than The Others
The Outlet
The Outlook For Broom Corn
The Place For Cattle
The Plank-drag
The Planting
The Practice Of Home-mixing
The Right Bacteria
The Seeding
The Sheds Should Be Cleaned And Whitewashed
The Soil A Reservoir
The Soil Is A Well-drained Clay Loam
The Soybean
The Sub-soil Plow
The Sugar Prune
The Summer-fallow
The Time To Cut Alfalfa
The Unproductive Farm
The Use Of Nitrogen
The Value Of Manure
The Weed Seed
The Yard-long Bean
The Zante Currant
There Is No Danger Of The Silo Overheating And Setting Fire To A Barn
They Also Have A Good Mellowing Effect On Heavy Soil
Thinning Oranges
This May Be Tubercular Or The Result Of Foxtail Etc
This Mule Should Be Operated Upon At Once By A Qualified Veterinarian
Time For Pruning
Time Of Application
Time Of Plowing
To Be Bred In The Purple Means To Be Of Royal Or Princely Parentage
To Breed In The Purple
To Cleanse Cows
To Destroy Fleas
To Increase Bearing Of Walnuts
To Make Shingles Durable
Too Little Rather Than Too Much Water
Too Little Water After Dynamiting
Too Much Chicken Manure For Young Trees
Too Much Pruning
Top Grafting
Top-grafting Apples
Topping Grape Vines
Topping Mangel Wurzels
Training Cherry Grafts
Transplanting Lettuce
Transplanting Old Trees
Transplanting Orange Trees
Treatment For Caked Bag
Treatment For Horse's Feet
Treatment For Nail Puncture
Treatment Of Alkali
Treatment Of Dry-plowed Land
Treatment Of Fig Suckers
Tree Planting On Coast Sands
Trees Over A Gravel Streak
Trees Over High-water
Trees Over Underflow
Trespassing Live Stock
Trimming Up Olives
Two Crops Of Wheat
Two Legumes In A Year
Two Legumes In The Rotation
Types Of Plows
Under-pruning Of Orange Trees
Underground Irrigation
Unirrigated Alfalfa
Up To A Week Ago The Chickens Had Been Exceptionally Well In Every Way
Use Leather Tar And Okum And A Dish-shoe
Use Of Preservatives
Used As A Green Manure
Using Gypsum For Alkali
Valuation Of Fertilizers
Value Of Animals In Manure
Value Of Fresh And Dry Manure
Value Of Rotation
Value Of Sods
Value Of Water In The Soil
Variation In Russian Sunflowers
Variation In Soil
Vegetables In A Cold Dark Draft
Vetch For Horses
Vetch Makes Excellent Stock Feed Whether Used As Hay Or As Pasturage
Vetches In San Joaquin
Vines And Scant Moisture
W E Wahtoke
W M Carruthers
Walnut Planting
Walnuts From Seed
Walnuts In Alfalfa
Walnuts In The Hills
Walnuts Will Do Well Providing The Soil Or Subsoil Is Retentive Enough
Wants Us To Do The Whole Thing
Warts On Horse
Water And Frost
Water And Frost
Water From Wells Or Streams
We Are Sending You Some Heads Of Grain Which Was Grown In This County
We Are Troubled With Pumpkin Bugs Please Tell Us What To Do For Them
We Use Sulphuric Acid The Results Were Favorable From The Very Start
We Would Not Plant Such Land To Fruit At All Except A Family Orchard
What Gypsum Does
What To Do Against Tuberculous Milk
What To Do With Frosted Oranges
Wheat And Barley For Feeding
Wheat Or Barley For Hogs
When I Sell My Cream From The Separator They Say They Cannot Whip It
When To Cut Oat Hay
When To Plant Potatoes
When To Plow Down
When To Plow Down
When To Turn Down
Where Alfalfa Is Grown
Where Clover Is Not Wanted
Where Returns Are Largest
Whether You Will Fully Succeed Against Bermuda Grass Or Not Is Doubtful
White-yolk Eggs
Whitewash For Spray Pump
Whitewash Requires Some Kind Of Grease In It To Make It Most Durable
Whitewashes For Stock Buildings
Whitewashing Fruit Trees
Whole Roots Or Piece Roots
Why The Beans Are Waiting
Wild Cherries
Wind-blown Orange Trees
Winter Feed For Sheep
Winter Forage
Winter Irrigation
Wire Worms
Wood Ashes And Tomatoes
Wood Ashes In The Garden
Woolly Aphis
Wound In Teat
Wound Sore
Wounds And Wound Swellings
Yield In Drying Pears
Yields And Composition Of Grasses
You Ought To Be Able To Tell Now How Full A Set Of Fruit Buds You Have
Young Trees Dropping Fruit
Young Trees Failing To Start
Your Chicks Have Eaten Soured Food Decayed Vegetables Or Tainted Meat