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Controlling Factors
Direct Use For Corn
Effect Upon Moisture
Heavy Applications
Manure On Grass
Manure On Potatoes
Poultry Manure
Reenforcement With Minerals
When To Plow Down


Crops And Methods For Soil Improvement

A Bit Of Arithmetic
A Clean Seed-bed
A Few Combinations Are Safest
A Practical Test
A Southern Legume
A Three Years' Rotation
Acid Phosphate
Acquaintance With Terms
Adaptation To Eastern Needs
Affecting Physical Condition
All The Nitrogen From Clover
Alsike Clover
Amount Of Application
Amount Of Manure

Heavy Applications

When the farm supply of manure is small,
applications should be light. The manure should not be the dependence
for plant-food on a part of a field, or a single field of the farm,
under such circumstances. It is more profitable to give a light
dressing to a larger area. The manure is needed to make a fertilizing
crop grow, and a very few tons per acre can assist greatly, when
rightly used. The manure is needed to furnish bacteria to the soil, and
a small amount per acre is useful for this purpose. Always there is
temptation to use all the manure on a field convenient to the barn, and
to concentrate it on a sufficiently small area to make a good yield
sure. The loss to the farm in this method is heavy. The thin spots and
the thin fields have first right to the manure as a top-dressing, and
six tons per acre will bring larger returns per ton than twelve tons
per acre. At the Pennsylvania experiment station the land receiving ten
tons of manure per acre in the common four years' rotation of corn,
oats, wheat, and mixed clover and grass gives added returns of $1.63 a
ton, while an application of eight tons pays $1.85 a ton, and a six-ton
application brings the value per ton up to $2.41. These applications
are made twice in the four years.

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