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Rural Architecture

Learn about the basic elements involved in rural architecture and apply this simple principles to sustainable home development.

Farm House 1 Interior Arrangement
A Common Sheep
A Short Chapter On Taste
A Word About Dogs
An Apiary Or Bee-house
Ash House And Smoke House
Cheese Dairy House
Cheese Dairy House Ground Plan
Chimney Tops
China Goose
Cottage 1 Interior Arrangement
Cottage 2 Interior Arrangement
Cottage 3 Cottage Outside Decoration
Cottage 3 House And Cottage Furniture
Cottage 3 Interior Arrangement
Cottage 4 Interior Arrangement
Cottage Design Ii
Cottage Design Iii
Cottage Design Iv
Devon Bull
Elevation Cottage Design I
Farm Barn 2 Barn Attachments
Farm Barn 2 Floor Plan
Farm Barn 2 Rabbits
Farm Barn Design I
Farm Barn Design Ii
Farm Barn Interior Arrangement
Farm Barn Main Floor Plan
Farm Barn Under-ground Plan And Yard
Farm Barns
Farm House
Farm House 1 Chamber Plan
Farm House 1 Miscellaneous
Farm House 2 Interior Arrangement
Farm House 2 Miscellaneous Details
Farm House 3 Interior Arrangement
Farm House 3 Miscellaneous
Farm House 4 Chamber Plan
Farm House 4 Interior Arrangement
Farm House 4 Surrounding Plantations Shrubbery Walks Etc
Farm House 4 Tree-planting In The Highway
Farm House 5 Chamber Plan
Farm House 5 Construction
Farm House 5 Ground Plan
Farm House 5 Grounds Plantations And Surroundings
Farm House 6 Chamber Plan
Farm House 6 Ground Plan
Farm House 7 Chamber Plan
Farm House 7 Farm Cottages
Farm House 7 Flowers
Farm House 7 Fruit Garden—orchards
Farm House 7 Ground Plan Interior Arrangement
Farm House 7 How To Lay Out A Kitchen Garden
Farm House 7 Lawns Grounds Parks And Woods
Farm House 7 Miscellaneous
Farm House Design Ii
Farm House Design Iii
Farm House Design Iv
Farm House Design V
Farm House Design Vi
Farm House Design Vii
General Suggestions
Home Embellishments
Improved Domestic Animals
Interior Accommodation Of Houses
Long-wooled Ewe
Material For Farm Buildings
Outside Color
Poultry Lawn
Preliminary To Our Designs
Rabbitry Loft
Shorthorn Bull
Southdown Ewe
Style Of Building—miscellaneous
The Butter Dairy
The Construction Of Cellars
The Dovecote
The Shepherd Dog
The Smooth Terrier
Ventilation Of Houses