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Nitrate Of Soda

Categories: Soils, Fertilizers and Irrigation

How shall I apply nitrate of soda as fertilizer for roses and other

flowers and lawns during the summer months?

One has to be very careful in the use of nitrate of soda not to use too

much and not to apply it unevenly, so that too much is brought in

contact with the roots of particular plants. From one to two hundred

pounds an acre evenly distributed is the usual prescription for nitrate

of soda, although in the case of bearing orange trees considerably

larger amounts have been successfully used. This would be at the rate of

about one ounce to one square yard of surface. It would be a safe

application to begin with and could be increased a little on the basis

of observation of results. Of course, the application should be

accompanied by copious irrigation in order to dissolve and distribute

the substance.