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Navels And Valencias

Categories: Fruit Growing

Navel trees are being budded to Valencias in southern California,

because of the higher price received for the late-ripening Valencias.

Are the orchards in central and northern California being planted in

Navels, and is there any difference in soil or climate requirements of

Navels and Valencias?

There is no particular difference in the soil requirements of Valencia

and Navel oranges. They are both budded on the same root. The

desirability of Navel oranges in the upper citrus districts arises from

the fact that the policy of those districts at the present time is to

produce an early orange. This they could not accomplish by growing the

Valencia. The great advantage of the Valencia in southern California, on

the other hand, lies in the very fact that it is late and that it can be

marketed in midsummer and early autumn when there are no Navels

available from anywhere.