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Moonshine Farming

Categories: Soils, Fertilizers and Irrigation

What influence, if any, has the moon on plant growth? Are there any

reliable data of experiments available?

Very prolonged investigation by the Weather Bureau determined that no

difference was found in planting in different phases of the moon. If we

paid any attention to it, we should plant in the dark of the moon, so as

to get the plants up so that they could use the little more light which

the moon give
. It is, however, more important to have the soil right

than the moon.

What is Intensive Cultivation?

From whom can I receive instruction or information regarding intensive


Intensive cultivation has, so far as we know, not been made the subject

of any treatise or publication. Intensive cultivation means the use of a

maximum amount of labor, fertilizers and water for products of high

market value. There is no better example of intensive cultivation in the

world than is afforded by the practice of the best market gardeners and

producers of small fruit. Next to them, on larger areas, would be the

policies and methods of the fruit growers of California. Intensive

culture, then, is not a particular method or system, but consists in

doing the best thing for maximum production of any product which is

valuable enough to spend the large outlay which is required. Just how

this cultivation should be done depends upon the nature of the product

and the conditions of soil and climate in whatever locality intensive

cultivation may be undertaken.

Can a Man Farm?

Is it possible for a man with a few acres well cared for and carefully

tilled to make a living and pay out on a purchase of land at $123 per

acre? Could a good carpenter make wages and take care of a small tract

for a year or so until well under way?

We consider $125 per acre for good land with a good water right a fair

price. Financing a farming operation depends more upon the man than upon

the good land. There are men who would, by intensive cultivation of

salable stuff and right use of water, pay off the full value of the land

from its produce in a couple of years. Others will never pay off. Of

course, the nearer you can come to paying for the land at the beginning,

and the more money you have for improvements, the more satisfactory your

situation should be in every respect. There is a good chance for

carpenter work in colony development, and considerable self-help could

be secured in that way. You do not say whether you know anything about

farming. Farming is a very complicated business and a basic knowledge

derived from experience is a proper foundation to build upon in the

light of the fuller application of scientific principles.