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We Are Troubled With Pumpkin Bugs Please Tell Us What To Do For Them

Categories: Pests and Diseases of Plants

When the bugs first make their appearance in the field they can be

easily disposed of by hand picking and dropping into a bucket containing

about two inches of water with about one-fourth inch of kerosene on top

to kill the bugs. The picking should be done in the morning, as the bugs

are apt to fly in the warm part of the day and scatter where already

picked. Two persons can pick over an acre in one and a half hours, and

two pickings are usually sufficient for a season, as after the vines

begin to run over the ground pretty well the bugs will not be able to

hurt them much. A pair of thin old gloves will help to keep off one's

hands some of the perfume from the bugs. The sooner the work starts the

fewer bugs to pick. Cleaning up of all old vines in the fall and

removing litter in which the mature bugs hide for the winter will permit

less eggs to be laid in the spring and there will be fewer bugs to pick

as a result.