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Vetches In San Joaquin

Categories: Grains and Forage Crops

In Michigan I was familiar with the use of the sand vetch as a forage

plant, for hay, for green manure, and as a nitrogen producer. In western

Michigan, on the loose sandy soil, I sowed in September or October 20

pounds per acre for a seed crop and 40 pounds per acre for pasture, hay,

or green manure. Can I expect good results in Fresno and Tulare counties

without irrigation? Will fall seeding the same as wheat produce a seed

crop? Will sand vetch grow on soil having one-half of one per cent


Most of the vetches grow well in the California valleys during the rainy

season; the common vetch, Vicia sativa, and the hairy vetch, Vicia

hirsuta, are giving best results. The proper time to plant is at the

beginning of the rainy season. They will stand some alkali, especially

during the rainy season, when it is likely to be distributed by the

downward movement of water, but it is very easy to find land which has

too much alkali for them. These plants seed well in some parts of the

valley, but a local trial must be made to give you definite information.