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The Orange And Lemon Will Do Better In Transplanting Than The Others

Categories: Fruit Growing

Take up the trees when the soil becomes warmed by the sun after the

coldest weather is over. This may be in February. Cut back the branches

severely and take up the trees with a good ball of earth, using suitable

lifting tackle to handle it without breaking. Settle the earth around

the ball in the new place with water, and keep the soil amply moist but

not wet. Whitewash all bark exposed to the sun by cutting back. You can

handle the walnut the same way, but it would, however, probably get such

a setback that it might be better to buy a new tree two or three years

old and plant that. The apples and pears we would not try to transplant,

but would rather have good new yearlings than try to coax them along.

Transplanting deciduous trees should be done earlier in the winter than