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Reseeding Alfalfa

Categories: Grains and Forage Crops

This spring I planted alfalfa and only got about half a stand on some of

the land. I want to reseed this fall and I thought of putting more seed

on the ground and then disc it in. Or would you advise replanting the

land? What do you think of putting manure on young alfalfa? Do you think

there is any danger of burning it out?

Stir it up with a spring tooth harrow or disc it lightly to make a nice

seed bed and then sow your seed as if you were planting alfalfa for the

first time. This will give you a good seed bed and will not hurt the

alfalfa already growing. Prepare the surface first and then sow, rather

than disking in the seed. The manure in moderate application would not

burn out the young alfalfa if properly applied after the rains begin.