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Do Not Plant Almonds In Place

Categories: Fruit Growing

I have 30 acres which I intend to plant to almonds and peaches, and I

thought of planting the sprouted nuts and pits where I wanted my trees,

and budding the same there in orchard form. As one or two years' use of

the land is not considered, what is your advice? My idea is to plant in

orchard at start so as not to disturb roots, as when grown in nursery

and transplanted in orchard. Would it not progress as rapidly? Would you
br /> advise budding peaches on almond roots; if not, why? My idea is that it

would give a longer-lived tree.

We would do nothing of the kind. If we decided it better to grow trees

than to buy them, we would grow and bud the seedlings in nursery and not

in the field. Field budding is open to all kinds of injuries and growth

from it, when saved from cultivation and all kinds of intruders, is

irregular and uncertain. As for starting the roots from the nut in

plate, it is largely a fanciful consideration. We count it no gain for

the walnut which makes a tap root, and still less gainful for the almond

and peach, which, usually make spreading roots. To cut off a tap root

does not prevent the tree from rooting deeply if the soil is favorable.