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A Mangy Cow

Categories: Diseases of Animals

I have a milk cow with some trouble about her head, neck and shoulders,

which causes her to rub herself enough to make raw spots and take off

most all of the hair from the parts affected. The trouble has been

standing for 18 months, but I have been using medicine at different

times, which stops the rubbing, and the part will cover with hair nicely

again, but in due time the trouble shows up again.

This cow seems to have mange or scabbies, which is caused by a parasite

and is easily spread by contact to other cattle. It should be treated by

two or three applications, ten days apart, of a hot solution of creolin,

well scrubbed into the skin. The solution is made by mixing five

tablespoonfuls of creolin in a gallon of hot water. The treatment should

be applied pretty well over the body to cover all the affected parts,

and needs to be repeated in ten days to destroy the younger generation.