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50 Per Cent Was White While The Balance Was Yellow And Went To The Top

Categories: Live Stock and Dairy

When the butter remelted, the yellow portion melted, leaving the white

portion retaining its shape. The white portion did not taste like

ordinary butter. The butter made from our cows' cream melted at a higher

temperature, but did not have a white portion. Why did our butter not

act like the creamery butter?

Samples of butter have occasionally been sent to this office that have

turned white on the outside, and since the white part has a very

disagreeable, tallowy flavor, people think that tallow or oleomargarine

has been mixed with it, but we have never been able to find any foreign

substance in any of the samples. We have found that some of the best

brands of butter will turn white first on the outside and the white

color will gradually go deeper if the butter is exposed to a current of

air or if left in the sun a short time - F. W. Andreason, State Dairy