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You Ought To Be Able To Tell Now How Full A Set Of Fruit Buds You Have

Categories: Fruit Growing

If you do not know what the fruit buds are, ask some neighbor who knows

peaches to point them out. If you have a good show of fruit buds, the

question in California is not whether they will winter-kill or not, but

whether the leaves held late enough the preceding summer and therefore

the tree had strength enough to make good strong fruit buds. The late

action of the leaves shows that the trees had enough autumn moisture.

> You will soon learn to recognize the condition also from the plumpness

of the wood which carries the fruit buds. If all has gone well so far,

the next point is to spray with the bordeaux mixture in November or

December so that the new wood shall not be attacked by the peach blight

or shothole fungus. This disease comes on early in the winter, sets the

the new bark to gumming and endangers the crop. Then if you have San

Jose scale, or if your trees showed much curl-leaf last spring, you

ought to spray before the blossom buds show color with the lime-sulphur

wash. Supposing that you have good buds now and are willing to protect

them as suggested, your trees may be expected to come through with a

good crop if seasonal moisture conditions are right.