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Value Of Animals In Manure

Categories: Soils, Fertilizers and Irrigation

In the operation of our fruit and dairy ranch we have the manure from

some forty head of horses and cattle, which is distributed over the

place. We cut our alfalfa and feed it and do very little pasturing. In

order to give our dairy the proper credit, we would kindly ask what you

consider a fair price for the manure of a cow for one year. Also what

would the manure from a horse for one year be worth?

A co
pilation of a considerable number of weighings, analyses and

valuations in Europe, cited by Prof. Roberts in his book on the

"Fertility of the Land," gives an average value of the voidings of a cow

for a year as $32.25 and of a horse at $24.06. This is based, of course,

upon the collection and saving of all excrements which is never secured

except in careful experimentation. The value of manure depends upon the

quality of the feed. In two experiments, considered a safe substitute

for the straw, apart from the fact that the gave a value in manure of $1

per ton of hay fed; cows fed on clover and bran gave value in manure of

3.80 per ton of mixed feed. Your alfalfa feeding would approach the

higher value. You will have to make an estimate from the above data to

serve your purpose and you can figure it either by the number of animals

or by the tonnage of the feed.