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To Increase Bearing Of Walnuts

Categories: Fruit Growing

We have a walnut orchard which does not bear enough nuts. The trees are

all fine, even trees, 10 and 12 years old, and we are told that the crop

was light this year because the trees were growing so vigorously and put

most of their energy into the new wood. Is there any special fertilizer

which will make the trees bear more and not prompt such heavy growth?

If your adviser is right that the trees are not bearing because of

excessive growth, it would be better not to apply any fertilizer during

the coming year, but allow the trees to assume more steady habit and

possibly even to encourage them to do so by using less cultivation and

water. If you wish to experiment with some of the trees, give them an

application of five pounds of superphosphate and two pounds of potash to

each tree, properly distributed over the land which it occupies. You

certainly should not use any form of nitrogen.