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The Yard-long Bean

Categories: Vegetable Growing

I wish to ask about the very long bean which I think was introduced from

China into California. I remember seeing one vine when I was living in

California which I think must have been 20 or 30 feet long and had

hundreds of pods and each of these pods were from 2 to 3 feet long. Are

these beans generally considered eatable? Would they be at all suitable

to get as a field bean which the hogs eat?

You probably refer to the "yard-long" pole bean. It is a world variety

and may have come to California from China as you suggest, but it has

also been well known for generations in Europe and was brought thence to

the Eastern States at some early date. It is generally accounted as an

unimportant species and certainly has not risen to commercial account in

California. The beans are edible and the whole plant available for stock

feeding, but there is no doubt but that the growth of some of the

cowpeas would be preferable as a summer field crop for hog pasture.