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Teaching Chicks To Perch

Categories: Poultry Keeping

What is a good method of breaking in young brooder chicks to use the


At from six to eight weeks old the chicks should be taken from the

brooder quarters to the colony houses and range, or wherever they are to

be located, and at this time they should be taught to perch. Have the

new quarters arranged with low wide perches (1 by 3-inch scantlings);

also make slatted frames by nailing lath or other s
ch narrow strips two

inches apart. Set these frames against the wall so that they will extend

slant-wise under the perches, and have the corners on the other side of

the room cut off by nailing boards across them. The chicks will run up

on the frame to find a huddling corner and land on the perches, as they

cannot rest on the open slanting frame. A little care for a few evenings

in putting up those that remain on the floor and straightening them out

on the perches will teach them the ropes. Where there are but a few to

be taught, all that is necessary is to provide the low wide perches and

shut out the corners, and a few of the smart ones will soon take to the

perches, and gradually others will follow until all will be roosting.