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Supernumerary Teat

Categories: Diseases of Animals

On the upper part of one of the hind teats of a young Jersey cow that

freshened recently for the first time, there is a small growth from

which the milk comes more plentifully than from the natural opening

below. How, if at all, can this opening be closed without drying the

cow? The milk from it runs all over the milker's hand and makes milking

very disagreeable.

The only thing that can be done until the
ow is dry is to tie the small

teat up before milking. This can be done with a string, rubber band, or

an ordinary clamp. If it is so small that the opening cannot be tied,

there is nothing to do, except, perhaps to use, her as a nurse for

calves. Two of these might run with her at a time, making way for others

as soon as they are able to look after themselves. Quite a number of

calves can sometimes be handled in a single year by a cow affected this

way and the benefit to the calves might be nearly as much as by using

the cow for butter production. When the cow is dry the teat can be

amputated and the opening will close when the sore heals, or a stick of

lunar caustic can be inserted into it, causing a wound that will heal