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Pests and Diseases of Plants

Apple-leaf Aphis
Bean Weevil
Blister Mite On Walnuts
Borers In Olive Twigs
Cause Of Mottle Leaf
Control Of Grasshoppers
Control Of Pear Slug
Control Of Red Spider
Control Of Squash Bugs
Cutworms And Young Trees
Depluming Mites
Finding Thrips
Formula For Lime-sulphur
Fumigating For Black Scale
Gopher Poison

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Sunburn And Borers

Please state the best remedy for keeping the borer out of young fruit

Sunburn can be prevented in many ways. The manufactured tree-protectors
are good if they are light colored and are kept in place so that the sun
does not scald above or below them. Wrapping spirally with narrow strips
of burlap, torn from old grain sacks, from the base to the forking of
the branches, is also good. A very effective and widely used method is
to apply a good durable whitewash which may be made of 30 pounds of
lime, 4 pounds of tallow and 5 pounds of salt, adding the salt to the
water used in slaking the lime, stirring in the tallow while the slaking
is in progress and hot, and then adding water to thin the wash so that
it will work well with pump or brush.

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