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Strawberry Planting

Categories: Fruit Growing

Should I plant strawberries in the spring or fall?

Whether it is wise to plant strawberry plants in the fall depends on

several things, such as getting the ground in the very best of

condition, abundance of water at all times, splendidly rooted plants,

and cool weather (which is very rare at the time plants are to be

planted, August and September). Plants may be taken with balls of earth

around the roots,
and water poured in the hole that receives the plant.

After planting, each plant should be shaded from the sun; after this the

ditches must be kept full of water so the moisture will rise to the

surface; this must be done till the plant starts growth. This method can

only be used in small plantings, as it is too expensive for large

plantings, as is also the potted plant method where each plant is grown

in a small pot and transplanted by dumping out the earth as a ball with

the plant and putting directly in the ground. From potted plants, set

out in the fall, one may count on a fine crop of berries the following

spring. Strawberry plants are never dormant till midwinter, and there is

no plant more difficult to transplant when roots are disturbed in the

hot season, which usually prevails in the interior valleys of

California. To have a long-lived strawberry field and to get best

results, planting must be done in the spring, as soon as the soil can be

put in best condition to receive plants. From this a fall crop can be

expected - Answer by Tribble Bros., Elk Grove.