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Storage Of Seed Potatoes

Categories: Vegetable Growing

We need potatoes for late planting and have found a good lot which is

being held in cold storage at temperatures from 34 to 36 degrees F. They

have not been there long, however. Would that hurt them for seed, and

also how long could they be safely left there now before planting?

Seed potatoes would not be injured in storage, providing the temperature

is not allowed to go below the freezing point. They should not, however,

be allowed to remain longer in storage, but should be exposed to the sun

for the development of the eyes, even to the sprouting point being

desirable before planting. The greening of the potato by the sun is no

disadvantage. We would not think of planting potatoes directly from

storage, because, owing to the lack of development in the eyes, decay

might get the start of germination.