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Places For Apples

Categories: Fruit Growing

What quality is it in the soil in the vicinity of Watsonville that makes

that country peculiarly adapted to the culture of apples? Are there not

other portions of the State where apples could be produced on a

commercial basis?

It is not alone quality in the soil, but character of the climate that

underlie success in the Watsonville district. Apples can be and are

grown on a commercial scale through the co
st district of Sonoma,

Mendocino, and Humboldt counties; also in suitable situations in the

coast counties south of Santa Cruz county. Along the coast, as far as

deep retentive soil and the cool air of the ocean extend, one may expect

to get apples similar to those produced in the Watsonville district. In

the interior valleys, on suitable soils with adequate moisture, early

apples are profitably grown, while in the higher foothill and mountain

valleys in all parts of the State, where moisture is sufficient, late

keeping apples of high quality are produced.