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Loss Of Tomato Bloom

Categories: Grains and Forage Crops

I have tomato plants which are very strong and healthy and full of

blossoms, but there is something cutting the blossoms off and just about

to ruin my plants.

The trouble with your tomato plants is that life is too easy for them,

that they have so much moisture and plant food that they can grow

comfortably and rapidly without thought of the future. So, because they

do not have to think of making fruit, th
blossoms drop off. This is a

very common occurrence with tomatoes, especially in home gardens where

the owners have not the experience or the information on the subject

that they might have, and give the tomatoes too much water. Many other

plants act the same way and will not set fruit while they can grow

easily, and only begin to produce when they have made a great growth or

when moisture begins to get a little short. If you irrigate the

tomatoes, stop, and put no more water on until the plant begins to set

fruit as if it meant business, or gives some sign that water would be

appreciated. If the ground is naturally moist you will have to wait

until the plants make more growth and the weather gets drier and hotter,

and the plants will then set fruit. Some growers have found that by

trimming up the vine and staking it, the fruit sets much more readily.