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Killing Moss On Old Trees

Categories: Fruit Growing

I have some Bartlett pear trees that are covered with moss and mold, and

the bark is rough and checked. I have used potash (98%), 1 pound to 6

gallons spray. It kills the long moss, but the green mold it does not

seem to affect. The trees have been sprayed about one week. Some trees

have been sprayed with a 1 pound to 10 gallons solution by mistake.

Shall I spray these again with full strength, and when?

You have done enough for the moss at present. Even the weaker solution

ought to be strong enough to clean the bark. Wait and see how the bark

looks when the potash gets through biting; it will keep at it for some

time, taking a fresh hold probably with each new moisture supply from

shower or damp air. The spray should have been shot onto the bark with

considerable force - not simply sprinkled on.