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How To Start English Walnuts

Categories: Fruit Growing

In starting English walnuts, shall we get nursery stock grafted on

California black, or shall we start our black walnut seedlings in

nursery plats, or plant the nuts where the tree is wanted, and graft

them at two or three years? What is the advantage, if any, of the long

stock from grafting high, over the grafted root?

If we had the money to invest and were sure of the soil conditions,

etc., we should buy grafted trees of the variety we desired, just as we

would of any other kind of fruit. If we were shy of money and long on

time, we would start seedlings in nursery, plant out seedlings, and

graft later, because it is easier to graft when the seedling is two or

three years in place. We count the planting of nuts in place troublesome

and of no compensating advantage. The chief advantage known to us of

grafting high and getting a black walnut trunk is the hardier bark of

the black walnut.