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Growing Cowpeas

Categories: Grains and Forage Crops

What is the best variety of cow peas for a forage crap? I want a variety

which with irrigation will come up after it has been cut, so as to keep

growing and not be like some which I tried last year. They grew up like

ordinary garden peas and were just a waste of ground.

Possibly you did not get cowpeas; they do not look like garden peas at

all: they look more like running beans, which they are. The crop is not

counted satisfactory except on low, moist land, for on uplands, even

with irrigation, it does not seem to behave right. We do not know that a

second growth can be expected, for in the Southern States it is grown as

a single crop, and resowing is done if a succession is desired, the

point being made at the South that the plant is adapted to this method

of culture because it grows so rapidly that it can be twice sown and

harvested during the frost-free period.