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Grapefruit And Nuts

Categories: Fruit Growing

Peaches, pears and plums predominate in this section, but would not

grapefruit, almonds and English walnuts be just as profitable? What is

your idea about English walnuts on black walnut root?

You can expect grapefruit to succeed under conditions which favor the

orange. Therefore, if oranges are doing well in your district,

grapefruit might also be expected to succeed on the same soils and with

the same t
eatment. Planting of almonds should proceed upon a

demonstration that the immediate location is suited to almonds, because

they are very early to start and very subject to spring frost and should

not be planted unless you can find bearing trees which have demonstrated

their acceptance of the situation by regular and profitable crops.

English walnuts are less subject to frosts because they start much later

in the season. They need, however, deep, rich land which will be sure

not to dry out during the summer. English walnuts are a perfect success

upon the California black walnut root.