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Feeding Hens For Hatching Eggs

Categories: Poultry Keeping

Should soft feed be given to the mothers of chicks intended for

broilers? How about dry mash? How would you advise feeding animal


Cut out all ground feed, except perhaps a little wheat bran. While you

may not get quite as many eggs, they will all have good strong germs and

the chicks will stand forcing to the limit, while if you force the egg

output you reduce the vitality of the germs and livabi
ity of chicks

hatched. The only way to feed hens whose eggs are intended for hatching

chicks for broilers is to feed whole grain and make them exercise for

it, good green feed, or, better still, sprouted oats, and feed beef

scrap in a hopper all the time. At first, while it is new, they may eat

more than you would give them but don't mind that they will regulate the

quantity in a few days better than you can. Get a good grade of beef

scrap and keep it in a hopper that will not let rain in or keep it under

cover and feed all the wheat and oats they require; if you are short on

green feed give them a bale of alfalfa hay to work on.