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Cutting Below Dead Wood

Categories: Fruit Growing

I have some seedling English walnut trees which are two years old, but

they are not coming out in bud this year. They are about three feet

high, and from the top down to about 10 inches of the ground the limbs

are dark brown, and below that they are a nice green. I cut the top off

of one of them to see what is the matter that they do not leaf out, and

I found that there is a round hole right down through the center of the

/> tree down to the green part. The hole is about three-sixteenths of an

inch in diameter. The pith of the limbs has been eaten away by some kind

of a worm from the inside. Would it be better to cut the tree down to

the green part, or let them alone?

It is the work of a borer. Cut down to live wood and paint over the

wound or wax it. Protect the pith until the bark grows over it or you

will have decay inside. If buds do not start on the trunk, take a sucker

from below to make a tree of. You could put a bud in the trunk, but it

is not very easy to do it.