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Barnyard Manure And Alkali

Categories: Soils, Fertilizers and Irrigation

In spots my land is hard and has some black alkali. Will barnyard manure

help the hard land if cultivated in?

Use stable manure because that would not only furnish nitrogen, if your

plants need any more, but it would add coarse material and ultimately

humus which would overcome the tendency of your soil to become compact

and thus concentrate alkali near the surface by evaporation. Mellow the

soil, increase the humus, make water movement freer and good cultivation

easier and alkali will become weaker by distribution through a greater

mass of the soil and may be too weak at any point to be troublesome,

unless you have too much to start with. Put on manure at the beginning

of the rainy season and plow it under, with all the green stuff which

grows upon it, during the winter or early spring.