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Bad Conditions For Potatoes

Categories: Vegetable Growing

Our potatoes were planted early and were frosted several times while

young. As we come to harvest them we find them with very large green

tops but the potatoes are about the size of a hen's egg and from that

they run down to the size of a pea. The larger ones are beginning to

send out roots, four or five to a potato. The potatoes have not been

irrigated lately and the ground they are in is dry.

The ugly behavior of your potatoes is doubtless due to irregularities in

temperature and moisture which have forced the plants into abnormal or

undesirable activity. Potatoes should have regular conditions of

moisture so that they shall proceed from start to finish and not stop

and start again, for this will usually make the crop unsatisfactory and

worthless. Excessive moisture is not desirable, but the requisite amount

in continuous supply is indispensable.