Your Chicks Have Eaten Soured Food Decayed Vegetables Or Tainted Meat

Baby chicks are just like other babies and the same care should be used

that their food be always sweet and fresh. Wet food should never be

given chicks, nor raw meat nor anything the least bit tainted or stale.

Put a teaspoon of coal oil in each pint of drinking water and see to it

that the latter is kept pure and cool. Mix a teacup of sulphur with

enough bran or shorts for each 100 chicks, moisten with sweet milk and

feed it on clean boards, what the chicks will eat up clean in some,

twenty minutes. Give them one feed of this each day for three days if

the weather is dry. Clean the brooders and runs daily, then dust white

with air-slacked lime and cover the lime with a sprinkling of clean

sand. Rake and clean up the yards where they range and never let them

eat any of their grain or food out of dirt and filth. You cannot doctor

such small chicks and must depend upon the coal oil in the drinking

water. Keep the water fresh, but add the coal oil until the chicks are


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