Whitewashing Fruit Trees

When is the proper time to whitewash walnut trees to prevent sun scald?

How high up is it advisable to apply the wash?

Whitewash after heavy rains are over and before the sun gets very hot;

near the coast see that it is on early in April; in the interior it

should be in place in March. Do not wait until all the rains are over,

because there is a great chance of bark-burning between rains in the

spring. Whitewash the trunk and the larger limbs - wherever the sun can

reach the bark; being careful to keep the surface white where the 2

o'clock sun hits it. Be particular to whitewash, or otherwise protect by

"protectors" or burlap wrappings, all young trees; the young tree is

more apt to be hurt than an old one, but bark seems never to get too old

to burn if the sun is hot enough.

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