Whether You Will Fully Succeed Against Bermuda Grass Or Not Is Doubtful

It is probable, however, that you can reduce the Bermuda so that other

cultivated crops can be continuously grown. Common experience is that

Bermuda will hold on unless you have hard freezing of the ground to a

considerable depth, as they have in the northern States. The best use

that you can make of land infested with Bermuda is to get as good a

stand as you can of alfalfa and let the alfalfa fight for itself. The

combination of alfalfa and Bermuda grass makes very good hay or

pasturage. We should, however, sow the alfalfa alone and not handicap it

by sowing with barley. The Bermuda will smile at that advice. Egyptian

corn can be planted in rows, 2 1/2 to 3 feet between the rows to admit

of easy cultivation

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