Where Alfalfa Is Grown

In what counties is alfalfa most successfully grown? By this I mean

where three crops of hay may be had each growing season. Also, will corn

grow good paying crops in same sections?

Alfalfa is grown all through the valleys and foothills of interior

California; also to a certain extent in coast valleys. On suitable

lands, three crops can sometimes be secured without irrigation, while

twice or three times as many cuttings are secured on irrigated lands

where the frost-free season is particularly long. According to the last

census, we are growing alfalfa on 19,104 farms with a total acreage of

484,098. The total value of the product is over $13,000,000. Corn is

widely grown, but is small as compared with alfalfa. It is grown in

alfalfa districts and in coast valleys where there is not much done with


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