When To Cut Oat Hay

To make the best red oat hay should it be cut when in the "milk,"

"dough" or nearly ripe!

It should be cut in the "soft dough" or, as some express it, "between

the milk and the dough." This is probably as near an approach in words

as can be made to that condition which loses neither by immaturity or by

over-maturity from the point of view of hay which is to get as much as

can be in the head without losing nutritiveness in the straw. Of course

there are other conditions intruding sometimes, like the outbreak of

rust or the premature ripening through drought. In such cases care must

be taken not to let the plant stand too long for the sake of reaching an

ideal condition in the head - which for lack of favorable growing

conditions the plant may not be able to reach.

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